Dear Doctor Herb Brower and Staff,I truly am grateful to you doctor and your staff for the quick and caring treatment that I received. I was in a lot of pain from a shattered molar and the huge bite to my tongue. You are all so kind, professional, and compassionate. Sincerely, RV

Dear Dr. Brower, You are the best oral surgeon I have ever gone to in all of my 74+ years of life!! Thank you. Sincerely DG

Dear Dr. Brower and Staff, Something sounds odd in saying we had a delightful time at your office, tooth extractions don’t always lend themselves to “delightful” times, but in your case dad and I enjoyed our time with all of you! Thank you for your care, humor, and understanding of my dad. You are all terrific!! Sincerely, JG

Dear Dr. Brower, There isn’t a big enough Thank You card to say how much I appreciate your kindness. You are truly one of the most special, caring person I know. Again, from the bottom of my heart I thank you! JP

Dear Kathleen, I just wanted to send my appreciation to you and your staff for coming in on a rare day off. We saw N this past week and she is doing great. Thanks for always being there when needed, treating our patients with such professionalism and being a great friend. All the Best,  Dr. M

Dr. Brower and Staff, Many thanks for your generous service to our Clinic patients. Gratitude abounds! Fondly, “DH Free Clinic”

Thank you so much for taking such great care of my daughter L. Her first experience in an Oral Surgeons office was a great one- thanks to you and your team. K